Saturday, October 17, 2009

My RED Saltbox

I found the PERFECT red for our Saltbox house! Old Century paint makes a beautiful deep historical red called Savannah red. We're trying to get the house finished before it gets too cold~ running out of time! It actually snowed here yesterday- yikes! I took some pics today when I was doing yard work. The windows aren't finished, they will be red also and we have some hardware for the doors that was made from a local blacksmith. Here's the house so far~

This is the side of the house and the windows still need to be painted red.

When we moved here three years ago all that was growing near the back door was a few daffodils and grass. So here's my temporary "Herb Garden" that I started as soon as I got the keys to this place :) I dug the grass out and planting sages, lavenders and lots of foxgloves. It gave me the feeling of HOME and the hope of what was to come~

Outside my backdoor~ I leaned a bunch of corn stalks with the husks pulled back to expose the corn (I don't know why more people don't do that~ you get to see the golden kernels...looks so much better) and then I tucked some bittersweet in and plopped a few large pumpkins at the bottom. Very simple but looks great against the house :)

Lots and Lots of work outside this time of year. Today I was the leaf blowing queen! I love that job - it's like vacuuming outdoors and I get obsessed with it! LOL I've also been trying to keep my gardens going. I planted lettuces and swiss chard early this fall for salads and to keep the garden looking colorful as long as I possibly can. The snow didn't help my zinnias and squashes tho. They ended up in the compost today. I should have cut the zinnia blossoms a few days ago when I was tempted, but I'm throwing a birthday party for my sweety next week and I thought the zinnias would still look beautiful. Not so beautiful now :) Here's some zinnias and other flowers I am drying in my racks up in my home office. The doorway to my office is tiny and I had some shelves put in from our old barn boards to hold my drying racks. The perfect place- dark with plenty of air circulating.

Walk thru the doorway and these racks are to the right~

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Decor at the Homestead~

I've been Fall Cleaning and doing some Prim Decorating at the house~
Here's the Dining room

And here's one of my Kitchen walls. These jack-o-lanterns are really cute with my flicker lights in them~

Waxed & Spiced Corn Cobs

The Mud Room hutch with an adorable Spider & Spooky jar made by Art Pod Studios on Etsy~

Front Hallway~
I have my Bird nest & egg collection in this hutch. Looks great w/ flicker lights inside :)

Gotta have the Candycorn & Sunflower Ornies displayed too~

Keeping it simple in the Master Bedroom~

Since when has Spooky been camera shy??

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweet Annie Time!

Aaaah the Sweet Annie is ready to ship~ Lots of customers waiting for this very important "Prim-Staple"

What a Day! I was outside in this crazy windstorm cutting and bunching Orange Mint and Pineapple Mint, trying to get it in the house before the sky opened up :)
All of a sudden I've got all these requests for cut herbs~

Tomorrow I get to cut the Rose Geranium for an order (the jeeps going to smell awesome on my way into the shop) and I also need to start filling orders for Bittersweet & Rosehips. Better wear long sleeves, those Roships are brutal :)