Friday, January 29, 2010

NEW 16ounce Soy Candles~

After Many requests~ I've finally started making Bigger Soy Candles! Thanks for the "Pressure" I'm so glad to be able to offer a choice in candle sizes!!

I'm burning my New "Country Cupboard" in our Living room right now~ Wick is burning great, wax is melting perfectly across and the "Throw" is Strong! Yeah!!!

Think I'll offer the most popular scents for now and eventually offer All the scents that are available in the 8oz. Here's Vanilla & Primitive Home 16oz.

Here's Vanilla~ Super Yummy!

And here's "Primitive-Home" a Very Popular scent at the Crow's Nest!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

~New PRIM Valentines~

I'm Excited about my NEW "Prairie-ROSE" Collection!!

A blend of Antique Rose with a touch of sweet Vanilla in each of my new "Prairie-Rose" Goodies~

Prairie Rose Cakes

Prairie Rose Soy Candle

Prairie Rose Melting Tarts

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunflowers in January

After a Long day at the Shop~ I came home to a Wonderful Surprise of SUNFLOWERS!

Aaaaaaahh :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dried Clementines~

This is the time of year for Clementines~
They are abundant in all the grocery stores now and pretty reasonably priced. Besides being Yummy, Clementines are very easy to dry. I dry the peels on the ones that we are going to eat, and for the fruit that's gotten older, I will dry them whole.

I'll layer the clementines on a tray and place them near the woodstoves. Very rustic! Once they are completely dried, store them in a glass jar.

These look beautiful in my NEW Lavender-Mandarin Potpourri!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wild Turkey Invasion

And there they Go...

I counted 32 this visit. They were close to the house a few minutes ago and of course the battery died in my camera....didn't take long before their bellies were full and they were running across the field again.

Besides eating all the Sunflower seeds in the yard, these wild turkey's have discovered their reflection in the truck bumper and they can't get enough of themselves!!

Happy New Year!

After a dusting of snow, this turned out to be a Beautiful New Years Day! And a Beautiful Anniversary for me & my Honey :)

A Perfect day to light the wood stoves and stay indoors~

The fire has been lit in our new Bedroom wood stove and of course I had to fill the Melting Pot w/ my Forest Melting Tarts. Spooky has made her way to the fire too and now she's in her little bed right in front and I don't expect her leave that spot all day :)

Happy New Years Everyone!