Friday, January 29, 2010

NEW 16ounce Soy Candles~

After Many requests~ I've finally started making Bigger Soy Candles! Thanks for the "Pressure" I'm so glad to be able to offer a choice in candle sizes!!

I'm burning my New "Country Cupboard" in our Living room right now~ Wick is burning great, wax is melting perfectly across and the "Throw" is Strong! Yeah!!!

Think I'll offer the most popular scents for now and eventually offer All the scents that are available in the 8oz. Here's Vanilla & Primitive Home 16oz.

Here's Vanilla~ Super Yummy!

And here's "Primitive-Home" a Very Popular scent at the Crow's Nest!

1 comment:

  1. I wish you much success with your candles! :) Candle making is a fun hobby and it's great to always have them going and conjure up new scents. Would love to smell your Prim. Home Scent. Smells yummy!