Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fermenting My Organic Chicken Feed

Fermenting, or even just overnight soaking of seeds/ grains reduces their anti-nutrient properties making them more available for digestion and use by the body, lacto-fermenting provides another set of benefits.  The fermentation process uses naturally occurring bacteria to partially break down the food, improving its enzyme content and increasing its levels of vitamins B, C and K.  It also makes food more digestible, and boosts the "usable" protein level by about 12 percent. 

The other benefits of using fermented feed:
  • Feed consumption and waste will drop by 1/2 to 3/4 (this will save you money)
  • Poultry on a diet of fermented feed are generally healthier and less likely to contract disease
  • There is almost zero waste as chickens don't scratch through it, kicking it out of the feeder
  • Stools become more solid and many people report less smell in the coop and run!
  • Egg yolks of eggs laid by hens on fermented feed will become noticeably larger, and shells will be more solid 
Here's a link on how to make it~

Handmade Naturally Fragrant Sweet Annie Wreaths

Handmade Sweet Annie Wreath #28

Handmade Sweet Annie Wreath #28