Tuesday, January 1, 2008



All this Beautiful Fluffy snow has inspired me to create "Prim Snowballs"

The other day I was searching for something with a "winter" theme to put into an old bowl in our Kitchen~ Snowballs made out of Soy Wax was the end result. Now I've got requests at the shop for them. I scent the Snowballs with Wintergreen Essential Oil (clean & fresh) and I also roll the Snowballs in wax flakes to give them a 3 dimensional look. They are SO CUTE! I've been packaging them three to a Cello-Bag with Rosehips layered on the bottom and Red Homespun as a Tie. They have become very popular. I've seen "Dirty Prim Snowballs" for sale before but I think some things shouldn't be "dirty" especially Snow! :)


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