Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gardener's Salve & Soap

NEW Gardener's SOAP & SALVE is Ready!

I'm so excited about my new Soaps & Salves. The Gardener's Salve is made with Organic Comfrey leaves & Calendula Petals. Well known for their medicinal properties. The Gardener's Soap is also made with Comfrey & Calendula, plus I put a bit of Corn meal in there as a scrub. Essential oil of Rosemary is also added to both products. Besides smelling "Herbal", Rosemary E.O. also has Antiseptic, Antibacterial & other medicinal properties.
Okay...and the packaging is just Adorable (to me anything w/ a Bee Skep on it is adorable) and PERFECT for Gift Giving!!



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