Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Veggie Garden in July

Look'n Good!
Everything is filling out in the Veggie Garden~

My first shot at growing cabbage & so far they look Great!

Dill amongst the Tomatoes~ couldn't bring myself to pulling them out when they started sprouting everywhere from last years crop. Now they are Huge!

Aaaah Sweet Peas. First time growing these too. Next year I'll make a mesh net for them to climb on. Live & Learn :)

And here's a shot of our Rainbow Kale~ Tastes great steamed in olive oil & garlic!!


  1. You're garden is awesome! Love how the dill decided to come and keep your tomatoes company:)

  2. Your gardens are beautiful and so neat! I wish mine looked so neat. I need to really work on them. Love all the garden photos.

  3. Your garden should be in a magazine. Just beautiful with building and old windows in the background.

  4. Thank-You Sarah :)
    I so enjoy your Blog! Love the "feel" you've given it~ thanks for sharing~