Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snowed In!

HOMEBOUND in the Hilltown!!
Almost 2 feet of snow has fallen here! Phew~ Besides the never ending Shoveling & Bringing in Firewood, I had time to take some pics of my new (old) mini hutch for the living room~ We found it in Vermont a few weeks ago.
Love it!

Old & Beat Up- Just how I like it.

And Here's a shot of the Dining Room with my "Newer" plate rack.
Love that too~

Good to be Home :)


  1. Wonderful pieces!!!...I wish we could have a little more snow here in Georgia...We had some one evening and night, but it started melting the next day...Spring will be here soon!!~~hugs,Jen

  2. love your photos and love your decor..hope you are staying toasty..:)

  3. Beautiful!!! Love both your new pieces!!!

    I'm so ready for Spring too!!! We have lots of snow here in PA too and more on the way for tomorrow!

  4. Very nice and cozy! We have snow, then rain, then I'm sure more snow here in central MA.

  5. Sounds like that snow is falling fast.
    Love both of your new pieces. Stay safe and hope that you don't lose your Internet!

  6. Thanks~ Sometimes it's those little "pieces" that pull a look together :)

  7. Love your photos! Isn't great when you find something all nice a beat up :0)

  8. Love both pieces! That is a really different piece(hutch). Love the look of your home.Stay warm & safe.


  9. They are beautiful! Sorry to hear you are snowed in. This winter sure has gone by slowly, I am ready for Spring. Thank you for visiting my blog!