Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scented Geranium Harvest

I harvested the last of the Rose Geraniums!

All this from only 2 plants. I got 7 large bunches hung in the barn. When they're dried I'll strip the leaves and store them for my Geranium Potpourri.
Love, Love, Love Scented Geraniums :)


  1. All I have ever seen are regular stinky old geraniums. Wouldn't want to save those for anything. What do you do with them? Potpourri in a bowl or sachet? Just curious....

  2. Hi Linda~
    Scented Geraniums are Wonderful! They come in all different "scents" Rose, Mint, Ginger etc.. I dry them and use them in my Geranium Potpourri.

    On my website I have a RECIPE page. You can get my Geranium-Spice Potpourri recipe there~ Have Fun!!

  3. Wow that got pretty big. I just unearthed one of mine (it did not like the frost) but it wasn't as large as yours! (apple scented) LOL

  4. What a great harvest...I keep a Old Fashion Rose Geranium year round in the house...(hubby cut it back pretty hard and not sure it will make it but he is on guard duty to make sure it does!!) I make a delish Rose Geranium Cheese Spread for our Valentine Social and it really makes you feel spring is coming (much needed in February!!) have by far the best products I have ever found...XO, Judy

  5. I'm going to bring the two rose geraniums in the house as well. Hope mine survive too! Love the idea of a geranium cheese spread. I've seen rose geranium jelly and rose geranium leaves stored in sugar~~~ So girly :)

  6. Hi Andrea~
    I love to check your blog on a weekly basis. This harvest is beautiful. I can smell it from here :)Frost or no frost!
    Enjoy your week.

  7. My goodness, your scented geraniums were very prolific this year. Must really smell luscious next to that scented pile of cuttings.