Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chicken Chat

The chickens are going on 7 weeks old now and spend as much time as they can (if I'm home) exploring the yard!

Here's all 10 of them :)

They spotted me taking pictures and had to come check it out. 

Here's "Angel" on the of the sweetest and loves to be held

Now they're getting way to comfortable!

Notice Spooky way over to the right "Babysitting"  They could care less that she watches them :)

Here's "Little Jerry" on the left.  Pretty sure he's a boy :)

Here's Jerry trying to keep his balance

And now he's trying to escape the camera :)


  1. They are looking great. I raise ducks and there is chatter that ducks make and it's called Duck Chatter, so I think it is good that you have Chicken Chat, lol.

  2. I want chickens, but I need a space not in the suburbs for them. I'm afraid my neighbors wouldn't appreciate them.