Friday, February 3, 2012

So much for barn cats...

I have spoiled these kitens so much....warm fire, organic food and run of the much for "barn cats"!!
Here's Bunny (no tail)

Here's Cocoa....they love eachother sooo much!


  1. Ooohh, they're so cute. I saw a snippet of your post on The Olde Country Cupboard and I have cats so I had to come over and visit you.
    Are these kitties you rescued? I fall in love with every animal I see.

  2. They are super sweet and I think super grateful to have a new home. Poor Bunny had a brillo pad for fur when we picked her up and now she's SUPER soft from all the healthy food and supplements~ Thanks for posting~good to know there's so many "caring" pet owners out there!

  3. I have not had cats for a long time now and we always had at least two or more. I miss them but my husband now says no more animals. I try to understand but the longing sometimes gets to me. Yours looks so warm and comfy.

    I was delighted to get the email from you today telling me that you have a blog. I have bought things from you in the past..and cherish my things.

  4. Am not really into cats but your tabbies are so cute.