Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fall Wreath Making

It's Wreath Making Time! The Flowers & Herbs that I've grown and been Harvesting are dried and ready to use.
I like working with Silver King Artesesia as the wreath base. If you create the base when the plants are still somewhat fresh it's much easier. The stalks are pretty sturdy and not brittle once the wreath is dried as well.


I use ALL different flowers & herbs to fill the wreaths. Besides Roses, Hydrangea, Lavender, Statice, Feverfew and
Globe Amaranth- I also use Chive blossoms, Iris's, Lily's, Mints, Sage, Queen Anne'sLace, Blue Salviaand Lilac's.
Even daffodil's have been put into my wreaths. I'm waiting for the Sweet Annie to be harvested and then that will go into everything I make as well~

As soon as I laid the dried flowers out on the table I had a few friends that insisted on helping. Maybe it was the dried CatMint that got the little ones attention (ya think?) The big one just has to tag along :) Happy Wreath Making!


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