Saturday, May 30, 2009


The Columbines are popping up all over my side garden and the Geraniums and Catmints are spilling over the steps~

Here's a better picture of the old side steps~ I love the moss growing on the rocks too!

And the Vegetable Garden so far~ It's amazing how it will transform within a few months....I'll post the progress~

I took a stroll down "Buttercup Path"
My hubby mows paths for us to walk in and this year our fields are Filled with Buttercups! The pictures don't do them justice! They smell absolutely Wonderful while you walk these paths too! Here's some pics I took today~

This is the path I took into the lower field. This is where we made our new Pumpkin Patch! I'm sooo excited to see all the Pumpkins (& watermelons, & cantelopes & squash)

Doesn't look like much now~ but just wait until October!!

Here's a picture of my favorite Apple tree. Half of it is missing and still it gives us tons of apples that we feed to the deer~

It's a Beautiful Thing :)

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  1. Love seeing your garden and grounds...must be so nice to stroll along your beautiful paths.