Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lavender Gift Baskets

Everyone Loves Lavender & my Lavender Gift Basket is a popular Gift! I ship them around the country and make Lots of People :)

Think I'll come up with a New Gift Basket for Father's Day~ They like getting Yummy smelling Gifts in the Mail too~ I'll have to include my new Fudge Brownie Candle and Butterscotch Bundt Cakes........Hmmm This is sounding more like a PMS Gift Basket!

Aren't these Garden Markers Adorable!! Besides sticking them in my Potted plants, I use them in Gift Baskets, tied w/ Homespun on the Outside or tucked into a Gift Basket with Fresh Herbs~~~ Super Cute!


  1. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I took a look at yours. Your things look wonderful and your property is to die for!!! Do you wholesale any of your products?
    My shop is only open for events and I don't do much in candles and such until the Fall & Christmas seasons. I will definitely keep tabs on your blog to see all your wonderful things.
    Nice to meet you in blog world!

  2. Hello Andrea, Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is always nice to meet new bloggers. It is a small world. I used to live in Chicopee many moons ago when I was in junior high, but just for a couple of years. Also I know Deb from Deb's Lost Treasures; we live not too far from each other and she would be a great help to me when I had my primitive shop in Pilot Mountain, NC. I will be following you blog also. Thanks again. Sherie

  3. Hi Laurie~
    I enjoyed taking a peek at your Blog too! Yes, I wholesale lots of goodies~ My website is

    Just contact me w/ your Wholesale info and I'd be happy to set you up with Wholesale access~

    Glad you Stopped~By :)

  4. Hi Sherie~
    Wow~ sure is a small world :)
    My Family's Herb Shop has been in Chicopee for 30 years~ It's in the process of being sold now and I'm hoping to get out of Chicopee and move my Shop(The Crow's Nest) to Williamsburg MA

    Deb from Deb's Lost Treasures is a Sweetheart!! She sold me my first template on Ebay when I had absolutely no Idea what I was doing~ What patience she has :)

    I look forward to following your Blog & wish you Much Success!!

    Thanks for the introduction~