Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Home for White Sage

Harvested the last of the White Sage today and it looks beautiful drying on top of my old Herb Hutch.

When the Sage is dried I'll just lay the bunches loosely on top of each other inside the hutch. The smaller pieces will be placed in jars and used as needed.

White Sage is a sacred herb used by the Native Americans for purifying and cleaning. The leaves are burned like incense and wrapped in bundles called "smudge sticks". At our herb shop we've sold smudging herbs for years and used them in our homes as well. My White Sage is grown without chemicals and is harvested respectfully in my garden. I always give thanks to the plants and appreciate their healing qualities.

Here's a jar of Pineapple Mint on the left and White Sage on the right~
I'm considering selling some bunches of white sage on my website, I can't possibly use all of it myself :)


  1. It looks wonderful! I hope you do sell some, I would love to buy a bundle or two.

  2. Thanks Tiff~ I just posted some white sage for sale on my site :)

  3. Such a beautiful blog! I'm so glad I stumbled by. I happened to see the title of your blog on Sandra's over at Thistle Cove Farm. I love crows and my mother has converted me to primitives so I just had to stop by.

    The white sage is lovely. I burn a smudge stick whenever the air gets a bit stuffy at home (or my cat decides it's time for the litter box to be changed get the idea :)

    I look forward to stopping by frequently!
    Happy Thursday,

  4. I LOVE the look of your place. and that herb hutch is wonderful. that's what brought me to your site. I was looking for an herb hutch for myself and your site came up with the picture.
    Was so inviting I had to stop and look around a bit. The plates you create are gorgeous. I hope to be able to purchase some down the road. Great job and thanks for sharing the photos. Made me smile when I didn't feel like it. :)

  5. Wonderful!! If you sign up for my newsletter www.crowsnestprimitiveshoppe you'll receive coupons & discounts on your purchases~

    Thanks for stopping by :)