Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rosehip Harvest

It was a Beautiful Sunday here at the Homestead! Between the chores of stacking wood & clearing brush, I snuck off to harvest some Rosehips~ That can be a painful job too...but rewarding in the end :)

Here's what I collected and bunched today. I thought the color of the Rosehips look great against the ornamental Kale on the table~ Here's another Kale that has gotten HUGE!

Love the Color~


  1. I picked some of the rosehips today too! I just love them! They do look beautiful with the kale!

  2. The rosehips will look beautiful in dried bouquets, though I guess a lot of people use them for teas as they are high in vitamin C. Still they are extremely pretty and would brighten any floral arrangement.
    The ornamental Kale is lovely, truly am amazed by the larger one with its intense vibrant color.

  3. The rosehips are beautiful! My mom has a huge rose bush in her herb garden that produces lovely bunches of hips every year.


    PS: I love your new banner photo!

  4. Thanks Jen!
    Maybe your mom will let you cut some of those rosehips :) The ones that I gather are wild w/white flowers in the spring ~ they produce clusters of bright red hips in the fall. They just aren't so easy to get to...ouch!