Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Barn Swallow

After returning this little guy back into the nest TWICE already, (with gloves) I was minding my own business, watering the garden when I looked up and here he was "attempting" to fly right towards me, with his mother chasing him!! He zig-zagged back and forth and then ended up in the radish patch.

Soooo cute!!
We love having the barn swallows live here every year! They are very amusing :)


  1. What a sweet picture! Don't you just love this time of the year with all the critters being born. We have some baby bunnies hopping around our place.


  2. After the Landlords "redid" the barn doors and the barn swallows cannot get in - they decided to make their nest by literally getting into the wall on our porch (little addition which houses our store bathroom)...problem is when anyone goes in and out of the store - they "swoop" right down and scare the devil out of you!!! Gotta board that up when the babies are gone !!!

  3. I hear ya about the Swooping!! We can't even park in our car barn because that's where they've had their nest for who knows how many years! Once those babies get big enough to move around- Watch out for the Bird Poop!!!

  4. Gosh this has to be one of the cutest photos. I bet people would pay for this one as it is truly priceless. The little fellow looks quite content in his radish leaf bed. :)

  5. Just too cute for words...My melted heart has rendered me speechless. Thanks for the pic.XXX