Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cottage Garden 2011

My Cottage Garden has turned into a Butterfly Garden!
The Monarch's love these purple flowers (wish I could remember what they were)I just sprinkled the seeds all over from last year~~ Whew! Got lots of them now :)
Here's what the garden looked like last month (the picture doesn't do the flowers justice)

I'm going to miss Summer~


  1. Beatiful garden, will miss Summer too, but not the heat and humid days, looking forward to Fall, enjoy your day.

  2. verbena bonariensis, maybe? Will have to try that...shaking the plants to release the seeds. Do you do that in the fall or spring?

  3. Yes,Yes,Yes! Thank you so much! It's been bugging me :) I just shook the seeds of maybe 2 plants in the fall and millions of babies arrived in the spring~ Doesn't take much!

    Thanks again,