Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where's my Pumpkins??

The October storm hit us hard~ luckily we moved quickly and got the chicken coop located under the barn overhang and finished stacking our firewood in the garage.  I'm still not ready for THIS tho!

Just because he loves to ski, still doesn't make this ok!   tee hee


  1. Oh, from a southerners view "It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!" But I totally understand your point of view! At least one of you is giving the thumbs ~~hugs, Jen

  2. Oh how cool, your house is wonderful.

  3. WOW~ that IS alot of snow, I am not ready for it yet, so far we have none in Boise, ID. But you have to say, it looks gorgeous on your SaltBox home!

  4. Whoa!! I thought I was all ready for snow til I saw this. But it sure is beautiful!!!