Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cut Flowers

Started harvesting some Flowers to dry~
These framed screens go into an Antique drying rack.
I really need one 10 times this size tho :)


  1. Thanks for joining my blog friends!
    Great drying racks me an idea!

    What are the blue stalks? I recognize the Iris but what are the blue stalks...almost looks like the catmint that I grow...

  2. Just love the blues and yellows! ~~Annie

  3. Your flowers are beautiful. I am so sorry for the loss of Scooby. Animals become such huge parts of our lives that it is so hard without them. You are in my prayers that each day gets a little easier. Take care.
    Thanks for following me--I am following you now also.

  4. Thank you Melissa, I appreciate your kind words :)
    We're not really sure what to do with ourselves now that Scooby isn't here with us, but we know in time it will get better...

    Hi Carol,

    Yes, the blue stalks are Catmint~ I love that plant! It looks great for soo long!

    I enjoy browsing through your blogs~ thanks for joining me too!!

  5. Thank you so much for your visit! I am learning so much from your blog...must...keep...reading.. ; )!