Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Morning in the Garden

Had to work at home this morning and thought I'd take a break with Spooky and see how the Gardens are doing~ (any excuse to be outside would do)

The Veggie Garden is starting to fill out~

Peonies are at their Peak!

The Valerians are Incredibly tall next to the car barn (over 6 feet) They smell Wonderful too!!

This Yellow Lupine showed up all on it's own!
Don't ya just Love Surprises :)

I can't forget Spooky's Favorite~ Catmint!
Looking Gorgeous to me & Delicious to Spooky!


  1. Hi there! Just found you while blog-surfing and oh my your gardens are awesome! Love that flat sone border!!!!

  2. Hello!

    Your place looks absolutely heavenly! With all the rain we've been getting everything is sooo green! If you get a chance take a peak on my blog. I have a clematis vine that is growing absolutely beautifully this year. But my veggie garden doesn't come close to yours. Have a great night!

  3. I am just a beginner at Blogging and found yours to be so pretty,we are almost neighbors too ! Your gardens are beautiful.Very inspiring ! Thank you for a ray of sunshine on this gloomy rainy day .

  4. Hi, I have been going thru all your post....Love your gardens!
    I love all your products too!
    I am having to re-build my gardens a little at the time. I miss having my little surprises coming up everywhere....I wish I could have took cuttings and all from my old garden....but it was cold and frozen when we moved. But it is fun starting over! Beth

  5. Hi Carmen~
    So glad your enjoying the pics!
    The flat stone border is actually the foundation of the old barn that we took down last year. It was beyond repair, so we took it down and rebuilt the stone foundation for the garden. Lots of work but I love how it came out~

  6. Hi Beth~
    So glad you've found my blog :)

    I know what you mean about leaving your garden behind. We've been living in this house for less than 3 years and my gardens are pretty "new"

    I left behind beautiful cottage gardens at my old house, but just like you, I'm starting over & making the best of it!

    Just takes a lot of Sweat Equity :)