Saturday, June 6, 2009

Purple Pansies and Parsley

We found this rusty bowl-thing when we were digging for the pumpkin patch and I thought it would be a neat planter~

Here's some Purple Pansies and a Parsley plant (say that 3 times) I had bought at the grocery store way back in March. I just stuck everything in this rusty bowl and now it's our outdoor table centerpiece


  1. Andrea, what pretty purple pansies and parsley (whew) in a perfect rusted bowl. Thanks for sharing. *Sherie*

  2. Hi Sherie~
    It's the simple things that make us happy :)
    I just took a peak at your blog and I read about your Husband~ I hope he's doing well~

  3. Hi Andrea!
    I see that you joined my site! I lived in S. Hamilton, Rockport, and Beverly Mass. for 11 years. Great memories. Thanks for stopping by! Anita

  4. Andrea - I don't know why I haven't visited here before...your blog is GREAT !!! The rusty bowl is an olde cow would have been on a long pipe - we have sold them as planters that you could stand in the ground! Now off to read more! Judy

  5. Aaah, Thanks Judy!
    We were wondering what it could have been used for and I never expected someone to solve the mystery for us :) Thanks again!