Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Natural AMBER~

Been working all weekend on some Huge orders (thank-you) and there seems to be a "Pamper-Yourself" theme. Besides the typical candle orders, my bath salts, splashes & perfumes are Really popular lately! I think with all this cold & snowy weather, we're craving something that makes us feel good :)

Amber & Vanilla SPLASH
For me, that scent is Amber. I can remember being in a health food store with my mother when I was a kid and she let me pick out whatever perfume I wanted....I chose Amber and still LOVE it!

Amber Body Butter
Pure Amber Perfume

The reason I made my Amber bath salts, splashes & perfumes is because I have made them for myself for years and wanted to share.

Patchouli Amber Bath Salts

 Don't wait until Valentine's day to pamper yourself. 
You deserve it everyday :)

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