Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Looking out our windows today, I've counted over 30 wild turkey's roosting in the trees, gobbling and waiting for their lunch. Every once and a while one flies down to the bird feeder but can't get to the seeds (there's over 20 inches of snow on the ground) they stand there dumb-founded and then fly back up. Hubby can't stand it anymore, he's off to the barn to get the tractor out and plow some trails for the bird seed. Even the wild turkey's are spoiled here :)

ps.  I never saw that many turkey's roosting in the trees before........pretty freaky!


  1. Well, no one ever said they were smart, but they certainly know how to get their lunch from humans! Heehee ^_^

  2. I live in MA also........Yes it was quite a BLIZZARD we got......18+ inches....stay warm and safe.

  3. Andrea...thinking what a sight it would be to see all those turkeys in the tree! Every once in awhile we will have a flock waddling up the street but haven't seen any in the winterthyme!
    Everyone seems to be hibernating here...haven't seen any creatures except the birds ! We only got 6 in. of white stuff - I am not a lover of the snow I have to admit.

  4. Andrea.

    We too have wild turkey that are always looking to eat. When it snows I throw stale cereal, crackers, bread, etc. out for them to eat. All their feet prints in the snow crack me up! It looks like a total feeding frenzy, which is exactly what happens.
    Stay warm!
    Dawn from The Pip Berry Tree

  5. That's so funny! We can't get over the foot prints either~ what characters!

  6. That's cute! I would want Mike to do that :0) We have little trails through out back yard for the dogs.