Thursday, August 20, 2009

Globe Amaranth Harvest

The Globe Amaranth is Looking Good! I grew a variety of colors this year~ maybe I'll just sell them as "mixed bunches" Much easier than having to separate them:)

As I was picking these tonight, 6 large male turkey's came out of the field and were walking around the yard. Here they are in this top picture. Guess they aren't threatened by me being out here!

These Globe Amaranth are going to be used for potpourri, the rest I'll bunch & hang to dry.


  1. Globe Amaranth is one of my favorites! I still think you live in heaven, your place is beautiful.

  2. Hi Laurie~
    When I was in the garden tonight a hummingbird was buzzing by me head and a baby bunny was just a few feet away in the grass plus these wild turkeys came walking past the garden~ All at the same time and there I was in the middle of Heaven :)
    Thanks for letting me share~

  3. love the colors..never heard of them before..;)

  4. They are beautiful! I agree with "the Whistle Stop" you do live in heaven!

  5. Your Globe Amaranth is beautiful, they will look so pretty in your handmade potpourri.
    It's nice to be able to be so close to nature and to enjoy and marvel at God's creations.

  6. Oh my gosh!!! I just love these! I grew them at my last home but when we moved 12 years ago I didn't ever plant them here! I forgot about them...........must plant some next year! Thanks so much for posting them!!!

  7. They are one of my favorite too~ Fun to harvest & they really keep their color when dried ~*~ Glad to jolt your Memory :)