Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Annie & Beeswax Melts

Made LOTS of Sweet Annie goodies today! They are all made with dark beeswax, vanilla fragrance and Sweet Annie blossoms~

It's that time of year again & everyone wants Melts and Candles! Besides my Retail orders, my Wholesale orders are Keeping me super busy! Looks like people are starting to stock up and get excited about the upcoming fall :) I really enjoy making all of these goodies for everyone! I completely loose track of time~

I've also donated to September's Out of the Box Sampler
For a low price you can get samples of handmade goodies from all different artists and craft-people :) That's a lot of fun too~ I make stuff for a hundred boxes!

I'll have lots of dried Sweet Annie bunches available in September too~ Stay tuned:)


  1. The tapers look lovely and bet they smell even lovelier.

  2. Everything looks great! Never heard of out of the boxsampler. I will have to go & check them out!