Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Chive Vinegar

What a beautiful day it is today! I decided to poke around outside as much as possible before heading into work (Spooky decided to join me-she ended up at the Catmint) and I noticed some of the Chive blossoms are ready to pick for Chive Vinegar. This is so easy to make and looks great tucked into a gift basket!

All I do is sterilize a glass gallon jar, fill it with white vinegar and then add my Chive blossoms and stems into the vinegar. You want to make sure the Chives have just opened and that they still have their nice pink color. It usually takes a couple of days to collect them, since the chives don't all open at once.To speed things up you can place the jar out in the sun, when the vinegar is a nice pink color (3-7 days). I strain out the chives and pour the vinegar into sterilized vinegar bottles. I like to use the mini-sized vinegar bottles, you could even use mason jars-just make sure they are sterilized. Then I add a few fresh chives to the finished vinegar. Tie the bottle w/twine and add my homemade label~ SUPER CUTE!!

Of course you can add other herbs if you'd like. This year I'm going to experiment with Purple Basil and maybe a few cloves of fresh garlic added to the Chives.

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