Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Primitive Votive Pots & Flower Pots

The Primitive Votive pots are all done and they came out sooo cute!! So far we came up with the Berry & Vine design, Crow & Star, Willow & Heart and a sheep design. I love them all! Besides using them for votive candles I have one on my desk to hold pens & pencils. The other new item for the Crow's Nest is Primitive Flower Pots. I wanted something very simple with a touch of "herb" and of course Primitive. Well I got it!
These Flower pots are made with the basic Primitive Glaze like our other pottery but without a sponged rim. Then a Lavender plant with a touch of blue is painted around each piece. Just enough design without taking away from the plant. They all come with their own saucer as well. I just need a little more patience and wait for my plant order to come into the shop so I can fill some of these pots up~

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