Monday, June 11, 2007

Crow's Nest Primitive Shoppe Blog

What a productive weekend! The Car-barn got cleaned out and I was able to create an area just for my gardening supplies. I have this old wooden drawer that I stack small clay pots in, I use a small tin trash can to store my potting soil and I like to either have something growing on the table or at least dried bunches hanging nearby. It's so much better to work in an area that is pleasing to the eye then just a dirty old table~

The Chive vinegar also got bottled today. It smells and tastes Wonderful! Think I'll marinade the chicken in it for tomorrows supper. If your not sure what to do with some of the Herbs in your garden, herb vinegars are the way to go. Super easy to make and a great gift to give!

Here's a picture of the dragonfly that came to visit today~

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